Dragon Boat  

Training Sessions

Our training sessions usually start at the Crown Hotel boat ramp for the Tuesday and Thursday sessions and

the Kirchner Street (Corcoran Park) boat ramp for Saturday sessions.


Tuesday – 5.30pm Prince Street boat ramp (near the Crown Hotel) - this session is currently suspended

Thursday – 5:30pm Prince Street boat ramp (near the Crown Hotel) - this session is currently suspended

Saturday – 8:00am Kirchner Street boat ramp (end of Villiers Street) 

What to bring to training sessions 

Please arrive approximately 15 minutes before a training session to warm up and to help unload the boat. New paddlers will need to allow enough time for initial training and safety briefing. Paddlers need to wear comfortable clothing. Dragon boating is a water sport and it is likely you will get at least a little wet. As you enter the boat, you may need to step into the water at the shoreline, so please wear shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. It is important to apply sunscreen, wear a hat and bring along a bottle of water. As you may get wet, it is recommended that you bring a towel and change of clothes. 

New paddlers are initially required to complete a waiver form for insurance purposes. Your coach will arrange for you to complete this form before your first training session.  After attending three sessions, if you wish to continue paddling with our club, then you are required to become a member of Grafton Dragon Boat Club and Dragon Boats NSW (our governing body). These memberships are renewed annually. Click here for membership information. 

If you need any further information, please contact us